PureVPN Review

Because it is stable, trustworthy, and simple to use, PureVPN is among those products that many people prefer. It is a pretty wonderful choice for a lot of reasons and is also fairly reasonable. The business does a great job of attempting to safeguard you from anyone who might want to monitor your data online. You’ll really appreciate the care and effort they put into it, and it’s quite simple to alter and personalize to your own needs. Additionally, they don’t log any data, which is always a huge benefit.

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When considering a VPN, you definitely want to avoid any data logging, and as we already indicated, there is none. A kill switch is another feature of the VPN, allowing you to instantly halt everything with the click of a single button if necessary. It gives dynamic IP addresses as well, which truly sets it apart and improves things even further. In addition, PureVPN is constantly dependable and adaptable, allowing you to access websites for foreign countries as well as Netflix and torrenting. Split tunneling is another feature, which is what initially distinguishes it.


We experienced speeds of about 70 Mbps on average, which is actually extremely decent for a VPN. It demonstrates that there is a lot of quality and value available, particularly in terms of performance, so you should consider that. Evenings can, however, see slower speeds.

With over 2000 servers spread across more than 140 countries, PureVPN has managed to expand to this stage. There are a lot of servers available, and you may choose from a number of servers in each nation. That may be incredibly helpful when you want to acquire the best speed available inside that nation because these things might occasionally vary more than you might expect.

Ease of Use

Since PureVpn offers a 7-day premium service trial for $0.99, I believe it is worthwhile to test it out for yourself. In addition, they provide apps for all the major operating systems.


It costs $10.95 each month, but you can save money by signing up for a full year for $59 instead. Compared with other programs, it is not high, you should go and see it right now!


With setup guidelines, troubleshooting guides, FAQs, live chat, and ticket systems, PureVPN offers all the standard support channels. This makes getting in touch with them and following up on your issue quite simple.


In general, we think PureVPN performs a great job of providing a very nice and gratifying user experience. If you wish to preserve your online anonymity, this technique is really outstanding and one you will value much. If you’re looking for a cheap VPN, you want to think about using it.

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