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Do you need to develop sophisticated sliders using material from social networks, blogs, videos, and other sources? Do you want to customize the slider’s look and every aspect of the animations? With the aid of the flexible plugin Slider Revolution, beginning and intermediate designers may wow their clients with photos of a professional caliber.

ThemePunch created Slider Revolution, which was originally made available in 2012. You may use this plugin’s sophisticated visual editor and a selection of slider templates to build stunning presentations for your WordPress website.

One of the most widely used slider plugins on the market as of 2021, Slider Revolution is used by more than 2.5 million websites worldwide.

We will go into great length and depth regarding the Slider Revolution visual editor in this post, including its features, benefits, installation process, instructional, review, and pricing information.

Guide for Using Slider Revolution

The visual editor Slider Revolution, which provides millions of features and helps you ensure that your website is successful, is the subject of this article.

what is it?

With the help of the WordPress plugin Slider Revolution, you may design and produce sliders, films, or still photos to use on our website. It includes a strong visual editor that makes it simple and quick to build designs that are aesthetically pleasing.

Additionally, it comes with more than 200 completely editable templates to make content of any sort, including header sliders, content blocks, picture carousels, landing pages, and even other forms of dynamic solutions.

It offers several add-ons for making special effects and a collection of objects with a range of films, photographs, icons, and animations that we may use into our project.

ThemePunch, a German business with two flagship products in Slider Revolution and Essential Grid, is the creator of the plugin.

Since its beginnings, Slider Revolution has become incredibly popular due to its simplicity of use, the diversity of functions it offers, installs on more than 1 million websites, more than 7 million active users, and 85% of 5-star evaluations. It has also received several awards.

With the help of the fully featured plugin Slider Revolution, we can simply construct sliders, web pages, content blocks, and all types of unique effects, which enables us to produce really dynamic and potent designs.

 slider revolution wordpress

The visual editor’s benefits Slider Revolution

  • Complete personalization: Create and store your own presets.
  • Media: Provides support for social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.
  • Optimization: The plugin is quick and well-optimized, so it won’t cause the site to load more slowly.
  • With a wide range of design possibilities and templates.
  • There are several content sources, including WooCommerce, Flickr, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.
  • Visual constructor: Enables a very simple and straightforward editing.
  • Simple solutions: Offers alternatives for virtually every function.
  • Maintenance: The Premium version is available if you desire more features. It is free.
  • Regular Updates: Since the Slider Revolution’s introduction in 2012, programmers have been enhancing and repairing issues in it.
  • Security: Independent assessments of security flaws that need to be corrected are made possible by third-party security evaluations.
  • Guaranteed by more than 7 million people who are actively using it.
  • Assistance: Active technical support and documentation for troubleshooting.

What is the Slider Revolution good for?

With Slider Revolution, you may make a variety of items, including the following:

  • Pages in front and cover blocks
  • producer of whiteboard videos
  • Carousels and image slides
  • featured post sliders
  • feeds on social media
  • further media galleries


The user’s ingenuity has a direct impact on this plugin’s possibilities. The primary characteristics of Slider Revolution will next be covered:

  1. Drag-and-drop functionality
    To expedite each project, the Slider Revolution editor was developed. There are logical choice categories on the new UI. Since you always know where to locate everything you need, you can quickly put your creative idea into action.
  2. More than 200 templates to get your responsive content going
    In addition to being editable, these WordPress-sensitive templates with sliders are also used for content components like heroes and page breaks. Without creating a single line of code, everything is possible to make.
  1. A library with almost 2000 items
    With this WordPress slider plugin, you get access to a media library. It includes things like: pre-made layer groups, font and SVG icons, background images, videos, and object PNGs.
  2. There are almost 25 plugins
    The accompanying Slider Revolution library is ideal for adding visual impact to your website. Without previous technical understanding, it provides a wide range of possibilities to effectively capture strong thoughts.
  3. Contains responsive style
    With Slider Revolution’s responsive design, you may play with with the block’s size and layout in relation to the rest of the web’s content.
  1. Single-click updates
    With only one click, obtain the most recent Slider Revolution special effects and receive updates. The business ensures that you have access to the newest fashions.
  2. Consumer assistance
    With a highly skilled workforce, they provide care every day, all seven days of the week. When you require assistance, they are available at all times to respond to your inquiries and deliver you the necessary paperwork.

Features of Slider Revolution Pro

Premium Slider Revolution provides a wide range of beneficial design elements, including:

  1. One-Click Template Installation
    The template collection has more than 200 pre-made templates for every project kind and preference. With just one click, you can download hero blocks, carousels, sliders, or whole websites for your real estate, blog, portfolio, agency, e-commerce, photography,or music website.
  1. Styles Lightning Because of its sensibly designed user interface, Fast and Edit Content Slider Revolution 6 enables you to perform all the required adjustments fast and without hindrances. Furthermore, the visual editor doesn’t require any coding expertise.
  2. Utilizing color skins for bulk editing
    Making a mass color modification will allow you to quickly modify the appearance of your module. For your tasks, make practical and adaptable templates.
  3. Our object collection now has videos and stock photography.
    We’re confident that you’ll find what you’re looking for in Slider Revolutions’ extensive collection of pre-built components.
  1. Creating Modules From Scratch Is Simple
    Modules may be created fast and simply from scratch.
  2. Icon library and layer style presets
    You may choose text and button styles from a selection of pre-made layouts using the fast style option. Additionally, it features an icon library and an SVG library with many helpful components.
  3. Layers that are animated
    There are layer groups with distinctive styles and animations in the layer library. This can shorten the project’s development time, and the customization options are endless.
  4. Expert Templates For Every Website
    There are more than 200 customizable designs available. They may be utilized in a variety of tasks, including:

Portfolio for Agency Photography, Real Estate, and E-Commerce
Special Effects for Landing Pages

Installing and running Slider Revolution

First, download
After purchasing Slider Revolution, visit https://account.sliderrevolution.com/ to access your member panel.

Immediately after logging in, you have to start by downloading the add-on. The far rightmost Slider Revolution bar has a purple “Download” button that must be clicked.

Download the revolution slider
The Slider Revolution plugin is available for download as a zip file. Save the zip file on your computer in a location that is simple to discover.

Install and activate in Step 2
You must access the administrative section of your WordPress website, choose “Plugins,” and then select “Add new” from the left sidebar.

To upload a plugin, click.

After that, select “Browse” or “Choose File.”

In the file browser window, pick the zip file you just downloaded.

When you select “Install Now,” the plugin will be installed instantly.

After the installation is finished, click the “Activate Plugin” button.

In this step, you must register your plugin to guarantee that you have access to all of the premium features that come with your Slider Revolution purchase.

How to Configure Your First Slider 

1. After you have installed and enabled the plugin, you will be able to visit the menu screen Slider Revolution > Slider Revolution. Click on the “New Blank Module” option to begin creating your first slider.

  1. Next, decide what kind of material you want to show on your slide. You have a selection of social networks, posts, photographs, etc. To construct an image slider, select “Start Guide » Default Slider » Full-Width » Intelligent Inheriting » Go to Editor”.
  2. Type the short code that will be used in the left sidebar along with the title of your slider.
  3. You will be sent to another page when you save everything. You can return and change the other options if necessary.
  1. To include a picture in this slide, choose “Main Image” or “Background Image.” To upload or choose a picture from your media collection, click “Change Image” after that.
  2. Your image will then appear. There are several ways to customize your slide, including by adding animations, layers, etc.
  3. By selecting “Add slide” at the top of the screen, you may add more photographs.
  4. Display your slider using the shortcode found on the settings page, or, if you’re using Gutenberg’s block editor, select the Revolution Slider block option.

Using Templates to Create Sliders

You may utilize the templates; simply choose “Add a slider with templates” to be presented with a selection of templates, both free and paid. Then, click the “Install Slider” option after selecting the template you like.

new slider revolution templates
“Import Slider from local or from ThemePunch server” are your two options. You must activate your license before you can select the online option.

The slider can be modified as seen above.

Tutorial for the Slider Revolution Builder

You should always look at an excellent instructional lesson to assist you understand how to utilize Slider Revolution. There are several lessons available, but we have chosen the greatest and most thorough one for you.

Pricing for the Slider Revolution Plan

Slider Revolution has three plans available: Starter, Enthusiast and Professional.

  • Starter: For a website. It costs $29 a year and $79 with a single payment
  • Enthusiast: For three websites. It costs $79 per year and $209 with a single payment
  • Professional: For five websites. It costs $129 per year and $349 with a single payment


One of the top slide plugins available now is Slider Revolution. It’s really simple to use and doesn’t require any coding expertise. It also contains a lot of free features and add-ons.

It includes a ton of cool features and options, including free and premium layouts, themes, library, movie creator, and much more.

Additionally, Slider Revolution has great social network integration and can show content from Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo, YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, and WooCommerce, as well as videos, photographs, articles, and items from those sites. Since 2012, Slider Revolution has undergone continuous updating.

What else do you think about the plugin for Slider Revolution? Have you already employed them for a website project? Please feel free to remark below.

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